Saturday, 12 April 2008


By Andi Terziu

The train raced down. He could feel it moving. With noises all around he could hardly think. The Underground train started to slow down. A woman’s voice spoke
On the megaphone:
"We are about to stop at the…- arrrggghhh!" Then a gun shot.
Was anyone killed? Were they injured?
That he would have to find out.
Ken woke up. He had been dreaming about what had happened the day before.
His Dark black hair and his red round face were bright as if surrounded by magical gold dust.
‘"Aaaarrrggghhh!” gun shot and then a mans scratchy voice said, "Nobody leaves this train! You will all ride till your doom!""
Ken shook from his daydreaming.
He dressed and made his bag ready. Walked through the corridor and started to condescend the stairs.
After a quick breakfast, he ran straight to school.
The classroom door banged open. Ken rushed in. He was as late as usual.
He tripped over the carpet and fell down on the floor. His books fell from his hand.
He had hair as black as jet that were always messy, like wild grass and his eyes were as blue as the sky.
His round face turned brighter than a tomato when tripped and fell over or his books fell from his hand. His round face looked rounder than a perfect circle.
He always wore dark clothes. Today he was wearing dark blue top and brownish-black trousers.
But, today instead of the usual laughter everyone pretended that nothing had happened.
He was a hero now. He had pressed the button to automatically stop the train the day before so that the police could come in.
But to shock and disbelief the robber had vanished and the crew with him.
"It’s Mr. Trolyous." he had heard them say.
Now that was a surprise. Mr. Trolyous had been his father’s friend; he was not a criminal. Or was he?
He might be after Ken now. He had cost him a fortune.
He knew Ken well!
He passed dinner successfully nothing got spilled on his dark outfit.
He was sitting on a table with his friends and was and talking to them and eating.
"So how did you do it." Asked Carl, his best friend.
"How did I do what?" asked Ken as if he didn’t know what Carl was talking about.
"Oh, come on. How did you become a hero? Tell us."
"I’m no hero!" protested Ken.
"Tell us how you stopped the train." Said Mario.
"Yes, tell us."
"It was nothing. Everyone else in the train seemed too stressed out to notice the Emergency Stop button. I pressed. The police already seemed to know so they came in through the windows and helped the people out.
"The robber had disappeared and he’s got the crew hostage.”
"Do you want to come over to my house after school?" his friend asked him.
"Well…yeah – OK."
It was after school. Ken had gone straight to Mario’s. Carl was there too and they were playing with Mario’s new computer game.
"How did it feel walking in the dark tunnel?" asked Mario
"Scary?" asked Carl.
"Yeah, kind of."
"Do the police know who it was? I mean who did it?"
"They said it was Mr. Trolyous!"
He walked across the path. He could feel the danger.
No he couldn’t. It was just too risky.
He had been to Carl’s house and had stayed there late. He knew he shouldn’t have, but his friend had made him stay.
He couldn’t walk across the wood it was where Mr. Trolyous lived. There were no more buses for today. What could he do?
He surely couldn’t use the Underground. Not after what had happened the day before.
And the other way was to walk all the way round. It was too long!
No he had to take the risk or else spend the night here.
He creped slowly and heard footsteps behind him.
Ken started fleeing from whom ever was after him. Was it Mr. Trolyous? Was he after Ken?
The footsteps died out. He thought he had lost him.
But then there he was in front of him, or should you say she
To his surprise and relief it was his sister!
“What are you doing here?” asked Ken.
“Looking for you.” Replied his three-years-older sister.
“How did you know I was here?” “I guessed. I know you well you know…Here,” she handed him one of the wooden blocks she was carrying. “I overheard Trolyous when I was coming this way. He wants to kill you for ruining his plan.”
“I can’t believe the police haven’t got him yet.”
“I called them, they are coming straight away.”
“Let’s go home…”
They started walking towards their home. Then they were stopped!
“On your knees. Put those wooden blocks down in front of you. Put your hands over your heads, that’s it.” Trolyous stood over Ken and his sister pointing a goon at them. “Now Ken what was you thinking of…eh.” He looked at Ken. “You stopped me from taking the money I deserved, my money. Why Ken…”
Ken didn’t answer.
“You want to die? No? Well then… Why?” He pointed his gun at Ken.
Ken looked at his sister. She Understood. They let their lower arms spring up and tear out of their tea-shirts. They grabbed the wooden blocks and knocked Trolyous down with them!
The police came and took care of Trolyous and they saved the crew who were tied inside his cabin With the danger passed Ken and his sister went to the nearest Underground station to go home.
They didn’t wait long when their train arrived.
They hopped on and sat down.
The train was about to stop on their station when to their surprise and horror they heard a guns

============== Aliens vs. Space Apes ===========

It was Saturday. The school year was over. Ben and I went to the park to play football. We saw a light on the sky. We ignored it but it shone. We watched it skidding across the sky. Then it appeared to grow larger and much brighter.
It turned and headed straight for us, causing a huge gust of wind to stir up all the leaves and dust.
When we had blinked the grit from our eyes we couldn’t believe what we saw!
A bright grey light came upon us and we lost the sense of gravity.
We were sucked up and taken somewhere.
Some green creatures gathered around us. They had small sharp knives in their hands. They walked towards us.
“Do you want to eat these knives?” croaked one of the alien creatures.
“What?” we shouted, “We humans don’t eat knives?”
“Well you tend to use them a lot when you are eating?” said a thin old alien.
“We thought that you ate them.” muttered a fat big one
“Anyway will you help us?” said the alien who seemed to be the leader.
I froze. The aliens wanted Ben and me to help them?
“Sorry?” I said. I wasn’t sure I had heard him correctly.
“We need you to help us.”
Did they really need help?
“What kind of help?” I said.
“Well space apes – you see…” started saying the leader.

“They are trying to take over our planet!” finished the fat alien. “They
say its theirs.”
I thought a moment, then I said:
“Alright we’ll try.”

We landed on the planet Teratas on a secret location hidden from the space apes.
Ben and I were lead to our rooms. They were fantastic. Full of electronic gadgets and with a four-poster bed in the middle. At the left of my room there was a wardrobe full of what seemed to be space suits and strange armour. It was nice and cosy and I would have stay there all day watching the ultra-celestrial television if it wasn’t for a skinny alien who knocked at the door and said:
“Council meeting awaiting, you have to be there.”
I followed the alien past many corridors illuminated by bright lights into a large chamber. Ben was already there, facing seven aliens who were sited on a high round table.
On the middle seat was Lord Ban, the leader of the Teratasenians. On his left there was Fytun the fat and large Teratasenian. On Lord Ban’s right there was the old priest.
“Hello earthlings!” said the leader. Then his smile faded. “We must act quickly. The Apes are taking over city after city. All my people are dying you must help us!”
“Have you got a plan?” asked Fytun.
“I think so,” said Ben “We could all dress up in Ape armour sneak into their fortress and kidnap their king. Then we say to them:
‘Leave this planet or we will kill your king!’”
“That’s a good plan,” said Lord Ban.

“We knew you humans could help us!” cried Fytun
“But we mustn’t do anything ’till tomorrow.” I said.
Lord Ban nodded.

Ben and I were sitting near a large window overlooking a jungle full of tropical plants and trees. On the trees there were what looked like double tailed squirrels.
On the orange sky four-winged birds were singing high-pitched chirrups.
On the blue ground foxes with six legs were hunting for prey. It was a peaceful sight and I would have gone to sleep if I hadn’t heard the approaching running footsteps.
A large crowd of aliens came there running.
“The apes, the apes. They are coming here!” said one of them.
“How close are they?” asked Ben.
“At the other side of the planet!” the same alien replayed.
“How quick can they come here?” I asked.
“In four hours!”
“Were are the weapons?”
“We’ll lead you there.”

“What are you going to do?” asked Lord Ban.
“We are going to change this old stone carrier into a shooting-stone machine.”
“Have we got a chance of winning the battle?” asked Ben
“I doubt it,” replayed lord Ban.

Fytun came running.
“All the troops and weapons are ready my lord, we are waiting for you and the earthlings." he said.
“We are coming, Fytun.”
Fytun left.
“Well let’s go then, friends!”

The battle didn’t last long. There were to many of our foes but still we fought well.
The shooting-stone machine helped us a lot. The apes were wearing anti-laser armour so that they deflected all the shots, but giant stones they could not throw back.
In fact the shooting-stone machine worked too well because after a few hundred died the others disappeared.
“Ha, watch them retreat! Cowards we beat them in battle!” shouted Lord Ban.
That night we had a feast.
Ten long tables were filled with food of all sorts. One of them was full of human food, which was given to us as a token of bravery.
We won the battle but we still had work to do…

The next day was peaceful our mission had been delayed ’till that night.
I spent much of the day in my room watching TV or looking out of the window at the jungle bellow.
I only went out for meals.

The time flew by. After dinner Lord Ban called Ben and I to go to the council chamber.
“So then, you two ready?” he asked once we went in “We have to get rid of these apes!”
We all went aboard a speed-flying bus and we set off. I watched light passing by for we were going at light speed!
It took us 1 minute to get to the other side of the huge planet. I couldn’t feel I was moving!
We stopped near the ape fortress. We quickly put on ape armour we had taken from the dead apes of the battle and we walked single file through the large gate. On either side of the gate there were two guard but they didn’t pay any attention to us.
We walked through the corridor, past many doors and up the long stairway. At the top of the stairway there was a door. The door opened once we walked near it.
We walked in and found ourselves in the ape king’s chamber.
“Nice of you to drop in!” he said.
“Yes it is.” said Lord Ban.
The ape king started running towards the door.
“Don’t move!” shouted Lord Ban pointing his laser gun him.
The ape king froze in the spot.
“Kan, Tan. Tie him!”
Two aliens moved towards him and tied his hands behind his back.
At that time four apes ran in the chamber.
“Don’t come any nearer or your king will die.” Shouted Lord Ban. “Put your hands over your heads and move backwards.”
The apes obeyed.
“Now. There is a solar deflector aimed at you king and you all. You

must all get out of this planet and never come back. If you set foot in this planet ever again you will blow up!”

The apes left within ten minutes.
“They won’t disturb you anymore.” I told Lord Ban.
“Will you take us back to Earth now?” asked Ben.
“We will,” he said “And there is a surprise waiting there for you.”
I was happy to go back to earth. I just hoped the surprise wasn’t forks!

Bags being thrown about.
People jumping around.
Planes flying to other countries and

================= Airport II ======================

Engines roaring.
People fastening seat belts.
They will fly to America,
He will.

=============== Airport III =======================

Babies crying.
People fastening seat belts.
Kids running.
Aeroplanes flying.
Children talking.
Passengers waiting.

============= The woman from Lou =============

There was a woman from Lou,
That every two minutes shouted “Boo!”
One day she scared a cat,
And her husband bought her a hat.
Her name was Sue.
========== The young man from Crew

There was a young man from Crew,
Who had an odd shoe.
He it up quick,
And kicked a brick.
Now his toes are all black and blue!
==============The owl from Rome ==============

There was an owl from Rome
Who had a sister called Flowm.
She fell from a tree,
And went to the V. T. E.
He said to her “You banged your head on some gum.”

---------------The Supergenerated Dog ==============

Once upon a time (no one exactly knows when,) there lived an old man and woman who had no children.
The man and the woman weren’t exactly poor but they only took health from the junkyard they owned.
They were so lonely that at one point the old man said:
“Woman, today I am going to find all the parts I need to build a boy, metal boy.
“But that’s impossible.” Said the old woman, but there was a glint of hope in her eyes.
“Anything is possible.” Said the old man and off he set to collect all the parts he needed to build the robot-boy.
He searched for hours picking up old car engines and metal scraps as he went, thinking that one day he too would have a son.
Finally he had all the parts he needed to build the metal boy; all he needed was one more thing. A thing he hadn’t believed in before.

“Can I have the magic recipe that brings metal to live, please?”
“You never believed in that recipe Fungu.” Said the shopkeeper.
“I have reasons to believe in it now.” Said the old man.
“Right,” said the shopkeeper “As no one else would want to buy it I’ll give it all to you for free.”
“Thank you!” said the old man.
“But I must warn you, be careful will it.”
“I will.” Said the old man and he walked out of the shop.

Unfortunately the old woman died that week and the old man was so grieved that he shut himself and worked all day and all night for five days.
When the boy robot was built and plated in the metal scraps the old man took the bucket full of the magic formula and spayed it all over the robot he had built. Then he put its name on the memory. He called it robo-boy.
The next day the robo-boy was in full function. He could see he could hear he could speak and he could think well than anyone alive.
A few weeks passed the old man lived with his perfect child. One day the old man was really sick and Robo-boy knew he was going to die soon so he asked him if he could build him a friend.
The old man sick as he was built a dog from old metal scraps and called him The Supergenerated Dog. He used the other third of the magic recipe. The last third he threw away.
Sadly the old man died so The Supergenerated Dog and Robo-boy had to live in the junkyard on their own.

One day it rained a lot and oil leaked out of the old cars. The cold wind blew some of the magic recipe in one of the puddles and out plopped an Oilman.
He was giant and monstrous and wanted to destroy everything that came in front of him.
The next day was sunny. The oil started to leak from the Oilman’s body.
He was furious.
He didn’t know what to do!

Then he strapped himself in metal scraps.
His friend Metal-dragon who he had built himself now called him Metal-man.

It was a dark rainy day.
Mr Fen was at the junkyard to throw some old metal, when he saw a metal move.
“What the…” he began. He wiped his eyes and looked again but he didn’t see anything.
‘I must be going mad!’ he thought. He dropped the metal scraps and the cigars he had in his mouth and ran out.
The Supergenerated Dog and Robo-boy were trapped.
They quickly built a fire-shooting plane and called it Metal-plane.
The aborted it and started flying away.
Metal-man saw them and jumped on Metal-dragons back and started following them.
“Oh-no, Metal-man!” exclaimed The Supergenerated Dog.
“Fire on the dragons wing!” Robo-boy told Metal-plane.
Metal-plane obeyed and when he hit the Metal-dragons wing, he fell back down on the fiery junkyard and Metal man followed him.

========= The Supergenerated Dog ==============
############## And the glass city ###########

“Yes! They are on fire!” cried Robo-boy.
“We finally destroyed them.” said The Supergenerated Dog.
“Come on boy.” They said to Metal-plane. “Fly, high, high!”

“Who’s shouting out there?” said the fiery leader.
“It’s me the Metal-man. I’m on fire!”
“ Drrrrnnn! Drrrrnnn!” the bell rang.
“Fiery soldiers! Go to save Metal-man and his friend Metal-dragon from the fire.”
“Yeeeeessssss! Siiiirrrr!” the fiery soldiers said in unison.
“Go, go, go!”
They slid on the fiery junkyard and took Metal-man and Metal-dragon out of it.
“Wow!” said The Supergenerated Dog.
“Is that a glass city?” asked Robo-boy.
“Let’s go and see.”

“Down boy,” they said to Metal-plane.
“No, not there!”
“It’s a glass tower!”
“Turn this way!”
“No, this way.”
“Right – no left!”
They smashed into a big glass - tower!

“What can I do to thank you for saving me and my friend?” said Metal-man to the fiery leader. But his mind was elsewhere, he wanted to be the new ruler of the fiery.
“Well you could be our ally in the war against the glass - city.”
“I will of course, if I be the fiery king.”
“No way!”

“Then I will kill you!” Metal-man said spilling water over the fiery leader. A smile spread over his metal-featured face. “Now he is done!” He laughed loudly.
Then he walked to the proclamation square and gathered all the fiery around him.
“Unfortunately!” he shouted, “Your leader died.”
“He killed him, he killed him!” said a fiery child.
“Now, shut up! Don’t say stupid things!” his mum said.
“I’m telling the truth! I saw him!”
“Oh, shut up!”
“It don’t matter though,” continued Metal-man. “Because, I am going to be your king, and together we will destroy the glass city!”
“Yeeessss.” Shouted everyone. “Long lived the king, long live the king.”
“No, no, no.” said the fiery child.
“I said, shut up!” shouted his mum angrily.

“Wea, wea, wea!” all the police of glass city went to where The Supergenerated Dog, Robo-boy and Metal-plane had crashed into.
“What happened here?” asked the chief.
“Sorry.” Said Robo-boy, “We didn’t mean to.”
“Our plane was out of control.” Said the Supergenerated Dog.
“But you smashed the biggest building in our city!!!”
“Sorry.” Robo-boy repeated. He thought a minute. “We can help you build it again.”
The chief couldn’t refuse.
“Ok,” he said.

Robo-boy and the Supergenerated Dog helped build the building again.
It took two years to build the glass-tower.
“We finally finished!” The Supergenerated Dog said after they had just finished.
“They are here!”
“They are attacking us!”
“Who, who is here?” Said The Supergenerated Dog.
“Who’s attacking?” said Robo-boy.
“The fiery are back!”
“They are attacking us!”
“And they have got a new king!”
“And he’s got a metal dragon!”
“Metal-man –” said The Supergenerated Dog.
“- and Metal-dragon!” said Robo-boy, and he and The Supergenerated Dog ran straight to fight them.
At the end some of the glass police were smashed, but all the fiery were watered down, only Metal-man and Metal-dragon were left.
“Yes.” He said running away and then disappearing.
“I will get him someday!” cried The Supergenerated Dog.
“Thank you for everything.” Said the chief.
“It was nothing really.” Said Robo-boy and then flew with The Supergenerated Dog on Metal-plane after Metal-man and Metal-dragon.

=================== Archery =====================

We used:
Bow and Arrow.
We had to aim and hit
The target. It was great and I
Liked it.

I stood
Either side of a
Log. I took an arrow
And put it on the bow, pulled it
And fired!

I felt
Good and ready.
It was fun because
I had done it before, though I
Was worst

================== Harvest Poem ================
####################### Water #########################

We hate it and love it – water!
Drink it, play in it,
Make Santa bubble beards in it.
It’s sparkly and clear, it’s lovely shiny water.

Crystal, sparkly water,
We would wish to see.
To have a nice cup of tea.
It’s sparkly it’s clear, it’s lovely shiny water.

Floods are deadly – everyone knows that.
But do you know what
Causes this all? It’s…
Sparkly, clear, lovely, shiny water.

All some people have is
Dirty, murky water.
So we pray for nice, clear, water
For everyone in the world!

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